About Green Travel International | Ecotourism Organization

We are a teamĀ of world travelers and expats who have come together under one purpose – To help the growth of responsible ecotourism that conserves the environment and our planet.

Through our travels we have seen the impact of the travelers who trample, litter, and destroy the environment around them. We have also seen many companies in the tourism industry totally unaware that they can start making a difference in saving their local environment and the planet.

After our travels we noticed not enough was being done to promote easy ways for travelers to go green and be more eco-friendly travelers. So we decided to provide information that makes it easy and appealing for travelers to consider the environment during their travels and create more awareness in the travel community.

We also found that there were many complicated and intimidating certification processes for companies in the tourism industry to go green. This has hampered the ability of many tourism companies to start developing ecotourism policies that can start making a difference.

Our goal is to help accommodation provides and tour operators find easy ways to get started that don’t require an intensive and difficult certification process to start saving the planet.

We hope you will find our ecotourism information useful and that you will join us in promoting responsible ecotourism that saves the environment and our planet.

Meet Our Green Group

Brian Schweitzer

    • Expat for 13+ years and traveled to over 16 countries

Jacob Schweitzer

    • Expat for 7+ years, traveled to 9 countries, and speaks 4 languages

Lori Schweitzer

  • Our project coordinator and has traveled to 28 out of 50 U.S. States