1 in 6 Species Set for Extinction

1 in 6 Species Set for Extinction | Green Travel Blog

1 in 6 species set for extinction from global warming warns Mark Urban, an ecologist with the University of Connecticut.

7.9% of plant and animal species face extinction from climate change with South America, Australia, and New Zealand to be hit especially hard. In addition, species not specifically at risk of extinction face grave dangers to their ecosystems as a result of global warming.

The analysis was published in Science Journal and as part of the analysis he studied 131 pier-reviewed studies utilizing various computer simulations to reach his conclusions.

The current extinction rate is about 2.8% but 1 in 6 species are set for extinction by the end of the century. If this isn’t scary enough, man-made habitat loss is causing 1,000 times more loss of species as compared to natural causes.

Urban mentions that “I don’t know we’re at the point where we can call it a mass extinction event, but we’re certainly heading that way unless we change direction.”

Marine mammals such as dolphins, seals, and whales are at particular risk for extinction, with the Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean Sea, Pacific & Indian Ocean’s at greatest risk.

1 in 6 Species Set for Extinction | Green Travel Blog

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Together we can all make a difference and save our beautiful world and the species that share it with us!